Sain Mus

Guitar/ Cello

Philipp Erasmus, Clemens Sainitzer


Sain Mus – a duo that has musically dedicated itself to creating idiosyncratic soundscapes, while exploring its instrumental possibilities in a gripping and soulful manner. Philipp Erasmus (guitar, electronics) and Clemens Sainitzer (cello, electronics) – the two heads behind this duo project – refuse to confine themselves to any musical standards and rather focus on producing exciting new sounds from supposed opposites. The two musicians are masters in creating both beautifully elegant and dreamy lyrical music, as well as wildly dissonant, high-energy, dramatic and more progressive sounds. The duo also does not shy away from the free form of play. Celebrating the vast spectrum of musical diversity, the pieces of the duo range from chamber music to modern acoustic songwriting, rock, blues, folk and jazz. Sain Mus have been selected as NASOM “New Austrian Sound of Music” act 2020-21. (Michael Ternei, mica – Music Austria)


Anna is typing/ You voice/Improvisation/Posthorn/ Improvisation/Wo ist Norden (Where is north)