Fajr Music Festival, Iran’s most prominent Music Festival, is annually held in January in different sections, wherein many renowned national and international musicians perform in diverse genres.
Founded in 1986, the festival was first called “The Revolutionary Songs and Anthems Festival” and twelve ensembles performed in its first edition to celebrate and embark on the first important music event of the country after the revolution. For four years, it was considered as the only occasion in which the Iranian musicians and maestros could perform and hold concerts.
After the end of the imposed war against Iran in 1990, the name was changed to “Fajr Music Festival”. Two years later, the festival was held as an international event for the first time and several foreign ensembles came to Iran to perform in diverse musical genres, mostly from Muslim nations such as Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and India. Afterwards, in different editions, the attendance of many well-known world musicians from all around the world has paved the way for a more effective intercultural musical dialogue between Iran and other countries and kindled new inspirations in our musical context.
The 36rd Fajr Music festival will be held from Feb 16to Feb22, 2021 in the company of Great Iranian Musicians and ensembles as well as many celebrated artists from all around the word, all gathering in a vivid atmosphere, so as to astound the music-lovers with the sound of music in Tehran.