Oud and Percussion Duo


Mohamed Abozekry / Ersoj Kazimov


Mohamed Abozekry, born in Cairo in 1991, took up the oud at the age of eleven. For four years he studied with the great Iraqi master Naseer Shamma at the Arab Oud House in Cairo. In 2007, he graduated as a soloist and teacher and, by then, he was called the youngest oud teacher in the Arab world. In 2009, he was awarded first prize at the International Oud Competition in Damascus (Syria). Pursuing higher education in France, he completed his degree in Musicology at Lyon University.  In no time he was giving oud classes and beginning to perform in concert. Abozekry’s amazing ability to assimilate new musical languages enables him to associate with artists from the worlds of jazz and traditional music, while also working on his own compositions. He released four albums including “Chaos”, “Ring Road”, “Karkadé”, and “Don’t Replace Me by a Machine”. Following his interest in composing for the cinema, Mohamed Abozekry obtained his master’s degree in music film scoring at Lyon University, and composed the scores for several projects. Currently based between Cairo and Paris, he is fully dedicated to his singing Oriental-Jazz project, and Film-Scoring collaborations. This group will improvise at the 37th Fajr Music Festival.