The German pianist, Moritz Ernst, performed at the 37th Fajr Music Festival, which was held on Sunday, February 15, at Niavaran Cultural Center. Moritz Ernst was born in 1986 in Germany and began playing piano already at the age of five. The international press has highly acclaimed Moritz Ernst for his superb recordings. Since 2018, his concert appearances have led him to perform on a worldwide scale, commuting between his native Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. His knowledge as musicologist has led to a cooperation with the Schott Verlag. It is worth mentioning that this piano recital was originally supposed to be performed by the Dutch pianist, Nicolas Van Pouke, but Ernst went on stage since Nicolas van Poucke called off his Tehran performance after he was tested positive for COVID-19.


  1. George Frideric Handel: Suite F- Major, HWV 427: Adgio- Allegro- Adagio- Allegro
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata op. 109: Vivace man non troppo- Prestissimo- Gesangvoll, mit innigster Empfindung
  3. Johannes Brahms: Ballade (1833- 1897) op.10/1, D- Major
  4. Emanuel Melik-Aslanian: Butterfly

Claude Debussy: Selection from Preldes