On the third day of the 37th Fajr Music Festival, on February 15, at 6:30 PM, Niavaran Cultural Center hosted Egyptian oud virtuoso, Mohamed Abozekry. Mohamed Abozekry, born in Cairo in 1991, took up oud at the age of eleven. For four years he studied with the great Iraqi master Naseer Shamma at the Arab Oud House in Cairo and later, he was called the youngest oud teacher in the Arab world. Thus far, he has released four albums including “Chaos”, “Ring Road”, “Karkadé”, and “Don’t Replace Me by a Machine”. After festival’s official trailer was aired, he started his improvisation with a calm and emotional rhythm and resonance, and sang along with his playing. His emotional rhythm had different ups and downs that impressed the audience a lot. After performing his first piece, Mohamed Abozekri pointed out that his percussionist partner, on his way to Iran, could not make it to the festival due to problems concerning Covid vaccination certificate, so the duo turned into a solo performance. It should be noted that this is for the first time that an Egyptian artist has participated at Fajr Music Festival. His performed repertoire included: “La Feit (I turned around)”, “Shagara (a tree), “Takasim (Traditional Improvision), “El 7ob Genoun (Love is Crazy)”, “El Bahr (the Sea)”, “Karkade”.