Little Italy Orchestra


Giovanni Guidi (Italy)

Little Italy is a tale, a history of a migration translated into music, for a time in which we, Italians, were the ones leaving towards the unknown, looking for fortune, opportunities or simply dignity. It is the story of young men and women that had left everything, risked everything, lost everything or found everything. It is the current story of six people. Six men who did not expect to meet in the same apartment, with windows opening into a new world, between memories of the past and hopes for the future, and to live a new story together. The youth will not last forever, but when someone is at the age of discovery, everything is transformed with the flavors of a new love. The band has been formed recently and includes some of the most interesting young Italian musicians. Guidi’s choice has been to scout new talents, as he has been doing for the last ten years.

Giovanni Guidi, born in Folignoin Italy in 1985, is one of the most consistently creative pianists in Europe today, focusing inspirations from contemporary jazz and free playing in a strongly lyrical approach of his own. As well as composing his own material, he has a discerning ear for pieces his group might adapt.


Giovanni Guidi: Piano (Fender Rhodes)

Stefano Carbonelli: Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

Nicolò Francesco Faraglia: Electric Guitar

Joe Rehmer: Electric Bass

Federico Negri: Drums

Giovanni Iacovella: Drums



  1. Il Campione
  2. Leonie
  3. The House Behind This One
  4. Roma 1962