Arasbaran Cultural Center hosted Najmoddin, an Afghan qawwali ensemble, on Friday, Februray 11. This group, led by Houshang Javid, was formed recently by a number of Afghan musicians based on the professional musical proficiency of its members who are all exceptional in their work. In a new movement, texts of religious poetry of contemporary Iranian poets are combined with raga and Harati songs to achieve an innovative fusion to create a kind of spiritual music, while the development of the contemporary Persian ritual language and literature has also been considered by the group.

Javad Tabesh, the vocalist of the ensemble, is one of the students of master Altaf Hossein, a famous international poet, and Asef Habibi, another vocalist of this ensemble, is also known as the “Nightingale of Herat”. Abdolghader Azizi and Abdolkhalegh Azizi accompanied the ensemble as co-singers