Duo Vila Madalena

Accordion- Clarinet and Sax

Nikola Zaric/ Franz Oberthaler


Accordion player Nikola Zaric, known for his virtuoso style bursting with energy, hit it off with experienced and versatile clarinet and sax player Franz Oberthaler, well known for his highly varied compositions and large range of nuances. Fully in line with the model of the famous Brazilian bohemian quarter and melting pot Vila Madalena, the music of this ensemble is a mixture of powerful melodies played by a virtuoso and exuberantly on the one hand, but on the other hand also reminds you of the very tender, fragile and charming sound almost resembling chamber music fuelled by the rhythmic and harmonious diversity of the boundless musical treasure of countries most distant from each other.  It is the musical wit and the perfect stylistic independence in pure culture, that unite Nikola Zarić and Franz Oberthaler. The instrumental virtuosity in combination with a good portion of humor and incredible musical refinement, as light-footed as you rarely hear it. This experimental duo, open to all sides, stretches the musical arc immensely far. Nikola Zarić and Franz Oberthaler mix and interweave playing forms and sound traditions as they please. With originals, Balkan rhythms, South American sounds like the Brazilian Choro, different musical bridges are built. The two musicians let it jazz as well as swing, they let melodies of the European East sound, they play with the fire of flamenco and the passion of tango, and in between they also play classical Viennese and many more. Vila Madalena burn in her pieces a fascinating world musical firework, one that shines in every single number in different colors.


  1. Jacob do Bandolim, Assanhado (hurt)
  2. Jacob do Bandolim, Doce de Coco
  3. Jonče Hristovski, Makedonsko Devojče
  4. Nikola Zarić, Balkan Vision
  5. Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven
  6. Franz Oberthaler, Café Boemi
  7. Franz Oberthaler, Tangento (tangent)
  8. Braća Vasilevski, Čarobni Čoček (Magic Lentils(
  9. Waldir Azevedo, Ve se gostas (See if you like(
  10. Franz Oberthaler, Vila Madalena
  11. Franz Oberthaler, Summer in Hobart