Tarang Ensemble

 The musician BorzooAmiri founded theTarangEnsemble in 2005 to perform the works of Iranian traditional and native music including Kurdish, Lori and Khorsani music. The ensemble has since performed many successful concerts in Tehran and other Iranian cities incorporating the eminent native vocalists.

The ensemble has also released a number of albums including Jina, The Tale, Pitch and Together which all have been composed and arranged by Amiri.

Tarang means the sound of bow when it shoots arrow, it also refers to plectrum when it plucks a stringed instrument, as it has been indicated in the works of the legendary Iranian poets.



BerzouAmiri (Director, Composer and Kamancheh Performer)

HadiGeravandi (Vocalist)

SajjadSagha’ee (Oud)

Ali Bashardoust (Santour)

KavehKalhornia (Divan)

Maryam Nickbeen (Backing Vocals)

MojganSeyyedi (Balaban)

MajidAlizadeh (Tonbak)

MiladDowl (Daf)