Makan Band

 An Iranian pop music group, the Makan Band has been made up of two singers, RahamHadian and Amir Maghareh. The composer and saxophone musician, YasharKhosravi formed the band in 2o16 and has led it by now with Amir MiladNikzad as arranger.


YasharKhosravi (Director and Saxophonist)

Amir Maghareh (Vocalist)

RahamHadiani (Vocalist)


SoheilAbazari (Piano and Keyboard)

TaimazEta’at (Piano and Violin)

MajidAtrli(Spanish Guitar and Bass Guitar)

Ali Alamasi (Electric Guitar)

MehranFarshbaf (Percussion)

AnoushirvanTaghavi (Classic Guitar and Keyboard)

Mehdi Hosseinzadeh (Percussion)