Peter Zoltan, piano      

Volodja Balžalorsky, violin      

Damir Hamidullin, cello    

Amael Piano Trio, founded in 1999, received international acclaim performing at many festivals and concert series in London, New York, Rome, Munich, Sofia, Tallinn, Belgrade, Luxembourg, Ljubljana, Kaunas, Bergen, San Marino etc.

All three members of the trio are very accomplished artists, who, individually, have backgrounds as prominent soloists and chamber musicians.

Amael Trio has achieved the status of being among the most sought after chamber groups in Slovenia. In addition to performing known traditional trio literature from various style epochs, the trio is also dedicated to performing contemporary works, and to the promotion, internationally, of Slovenian composers of piano trio literature.

The order of compositions:

Shaheen Farhat:

Trio Opus 96

Johannes Brahms:

Trio op. 101 in c minor

Allegro energico

Presto non assai

Andante grazioso

Allegro molto 


Peter Kopač (1949)

Inevitabiity  (2009) for piano trio 

Bedřich Smetana

Trio Op. 15 in G minor

Moderato assai – Più animato

Allegro, ma non agitato

Finale. Presto