The Art of tar and tombak

Pouyan Biglar (tar and setar player) and Sina Khoshk bijari (tombak player), performed their works on Thursday, January 19 at Niavaran Cultural center.

The modal concepts in Persian folk music are directly linked with that of the classical music. However, improvisation plays a minor role as folk tunes are characterized by relatively clear-cut melodic and rhythmic properties. The function of each folk melody determines its mood. The varying aesthetic requirements of wedding songs, lullabies, love songs, harvest songs, dance pieces, etc., are met with transparent and appropriate simplicity.


Biglar also sang in some parts of their performance. He said about the Dastgah music that it come from our tradition. In many countries, especially Europe, non-Iranian audience show welcome to the instrumental music followed the traditional music


Biglar released an album which name is "Safare Khamush" with accompany of Pejman Haddadi.

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