Salman Hasani: We shouldnt change cultures, to attract the audience

The "Cherikeh" ensemble will perform the pieces of Tanbour ancient magham music in the thirty-second Fajr Music Festival.

Salman Hasani, director of "Cherikeh" ensemble said at press conference, today, Sunday, January 8, in Tehran's Vahdat Hall: the Cherikeh ensemble repertoire is according to Tanbour ancient magham music that instruments such as Oud, Kamancheh, Rabab and Percussion accompany us in addition to Tanbour as a core of our band.

The band includes Seyyad Vesal Hosseini (Tanbour), Asiyeh Ahmadi (Oud), Milad Mousavi (Kamancheh), Payam Sharif Nejad (Rabab), Amin Honarjou (daf), Hossein Kamal (Tonbak), Seyed Javad Hosseini (singing) and Aso Naderi (Sema).

He said: We try to preserve our authenticity, because we believe that we shouldn't change our cultures, to attract the audience.

We should be able to perform the Iranian culture and the regional music of each area, for our audience and we also know that we have the audiences in Tehran at Fajr Music Festival, who maybe didn't know the language of this kind of music.

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