The press conference series of fusion bands

Thirty-second Fajr Music Festival press conferences series of fusion bands of the Festival was held on Saturday, January 7, 2017.

Today, the Fajr Music Festival first press conference was held with Hojat Ashraf Zadeh and Sadreddin Hossein Khani.

Hojat Ashrafzadeh said at the beginning of his concert's press conference in the form of thirty-second Fajr Music Festival: Fajr Music Festival is a great festival for a gathering of Iranian good musicians. This festival has some shortcomings, but our effort is to perform an acceptable performance.

Hamid Akbar Zadeh, the composer of his album explained about the songs that he will perform in his concert: Hojat Ashraf Zadeh will perform Combining pieces of electronic music and traditional Iranian music, and in this concert, we will unveil some new songs.

Then Sadreddin Hosseinkhani CEO of Iran Gaam Company that have agreed recently for the Ashraf Zadeh's new album and concert tour, said about his album: Ashrafzadeh's new album will be released by the end of this year. The current concert will be an exciting performance for the consolidated music fans.

Hojat Ashrafzadeh will go on stage on Wednesday, January 18, at 21:30 in the Azadi tower Hall.


From the Rolling Stones and Queen to Pink Floyd and the Beatles

The second press conference of today devoted to Ashkan Khatibi.

Ashkan Khatibi the singer of Rock the pen concert will go on stage at Fajr Music Festival. He will perform this concert for the third time. In this program Nima Ramezan, Arash Saeidi, Ashkan Abron accompany us as musicians and Soheil Danesh Eshraghi as the illustrator.

Our band will perform works from the Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and a few pieces of nostalgia and international rock music. It is more than a musical performance, it's a visualization performance.

Ashkan Khatibi noted the absence of rock musicians at Fajr Music Festival at the end of his speech and said: the absence of Ardavan Anzabi pour and Shahab Sadeghi is felt at this year's festival, I hope we can also enjoy of their presence in the future.

Ashkan Khatibi will go on stage on Tuesday, January 17, at 21:30 in the Azadi Tower hall.


You will hear different style of my works at Fajr Music Festival

The third press conference of today devoted to Aria Azimi Nejad.

Aria Azimi Nejad, the famous musician and composer said in this meeting: The regional music is one my favorites and I even believe that it's more interesting than our traditional music. I also interested in Rock music, so I'll perform a compilation of Magham Music and rock music which I think is an interesting alternative.

Azimi Nejad explained the repertoire of his recent concert: pieces that will be performed with my band in this concert, are from Mazandaran, South of Alborz, Kurdistan, Khorasan, and Hormozgan, with beloved singers such as Master Eshaghi, Master Khalu Ghambar and some regional artists.

Aria Azimi Nejad will go on Azadi Tower hall stage on Thursday, January 19, at 21:30.


We are practicing hard for our concert in the festival.

The last press conference of today devoted to Naamira and Philharmonic choir

Farhad Harati, the composer, and conductor of Naamira choir said that he and Alireza Shafaghi Nejad, the conductor of Iran's Philharmonic choir will go on stage with 150 artists, children and adults for the first time. Our joint concert is a performance of "Sacred Earth" project. And it's about environmental issues and concerns surrounding the extinction of animals and thousands of other problems.

Farhad Harati said: our album which name is "Sacred Earth" will be released by the end of this year.

Naamira and Philharmonic choir will go on Vahdat hall stage, on Sunday, January 15, at 21:30.

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